Always You & I

by Cesar Solorio

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Happy Valentine's Day to everyone! For those who are single, don't sweat it. It's just one day, you have your whole life to find love. Here's a new song and for everyone! For now it's just a snippet but I'm getting someone to be featured on this track. Soon the entire song will be released!

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(Verse 1)
The moment that I saw you, I knew that it was true,
Everything you say, and everything you do,
I was lost without a cause, you were my rescue,
Everything changed the moment that I met you,

My feelings never changed since that day in sixth grade,
I just want to hear you say, That things will be ok,
You're amazing, Your warm touch,
Had my heart racing, it's crazy,

Let me know if you're down, to kick it and chill,
Across the whole town, to listen to the sounds,
Of hearts singing in unison,
Listen closely, yeah, just zero-in,

It's Valentine's, I just wish that you would be mine,
But instead you're with that other guy,
I know that you never want to see me,
But it's always you and I, I just hope you still believe me

It was always you and I,
Never thought we'd say good-bye,
From the park to the dance floor,
I always said that I wanted more,

'Cause it was always you and I,
Just trying to get by,
It was always you and I,
Just you and I, Just you and I,


released February 14, 2012
Produced by Anno Domini Beats




Cesar Solorio Riverside, California

Hip-Hop Artist/Singer, Name: Cesar Solorio, Born: January 2, 1995, Genre: Hip-Hop, Hometown: Anaheim, California, Current Living: Riverside, California

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