by Cesar Solorio

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Latest Single off the upcoming album "Respect Few|Trust None" releasing late 2015


What the fuck am I even doing? (I'm just tying to survive,)
I got a job that pays me alright and some joints in my ride,
On another rambling track about what's fucked up in my life,
But I guess that's just my way of coping with the stress built up inside,
See you and I, best believe we will not coincide,
I'll take my pent up aggression and go out and commit a crime,
Don't blame me for my selfish acts,
Don't blame the haters I blame the ones that forever preach yet never practice to love thy neighbor,
I'm tailored to fit the needs of the outcasts,
Don't give a fuck about your top charts I'm out that,
And when you hit me up about some past bullshit,
I'll T-bone your parents car without the slightest remorse or sympathy,
I know you do not fuck with me,
So let's drop the facade, in the Lord's name? Fuck that, there is no God,
There's only do right,
So step to me wrong y te terminó tu vida tonight,

I'm back up on my Fuck it tip,
Say what you want I've always fought to be up in the spot I'm in,
This shit ain't as good as it gets,
I'll regurgitate my lyrics until I collapse my ribs,
My mind is like a disease, take a stroll in my thoughts it's pretty sickening,
What you know about an addiction to methamphetamine,
Only thing I've found to drift me off to better dreams,
At night when I slice it's like a gruesome scene,
Give me a good enough reason to respect you,
(I got three thousand followers on Twitter), Good for you,
That don't mean shit to me, you're still a dumb fuck,
My life in a quote is "Respect Few, Trust None",
You be running your mouth then claim you never said it,
Now you got my attention and I know that you fully regret it,
Tread carefully or you might need assistance from a paramedic,
Like Planetary said, I'm cashing out without a line of credit,

What do you see when you're looking into my eyes,
You're incorrect with anything besides a hooligan in disguise,
See I don't have the time or the patience to deal with you when you whine,
I'm genuine like wine I get better with time,
Now let me ease my stress,
Maybe with a swig of whatever Yong gave me and a cigarette,
Trust the fact that this right here is not my best,
Just venting since my ex don't know how to reply to a text,
And honestly I'm quite glad that she left,
Yeah I've been single for a minute,
Been dealing with changing feelings over millions it's killing my mind,
I got a hunch that I might possible go blind,
In a year or two, say fuck it all and crack open another brew,
see I will never swear allegiance to something I don't believe in,
So I'ma keep it g even after my lungs be no longer breathing,
I'm seeking a higher meaning since what they're teaching been affecting my conscious,
So I'll let out my rage inside a mosh pit,

And with a back hand I'm offence,
Pupils dilated so you know that I be on shit,
I act sane in public but truth be told I'm a drunken mess,
No bottle in my palm but my liver is liquor drenched,
Same time my Lungs back up with many carcinogens
From ask these cigarettes I've smoked on the daily,
But that what you all made me,
This bullet is where I seen to find my safety.

Somebody tell me what else do you fucking want from me,
I'll give no fucks with a bundle of no apologies,
Growing up I didn't have much of a role model,
My father was always there but my fingers still clutched around a whisky bottle,
I toppled what most considered unstoppable,
Still believe there's more to conquer never finished with these obstacles,
Impossible dreams is what I hope to soon achieve, most find it comical,
I'm off the grid, off to space, galactic skull,
Without a trace I'll take a break and fade into atmosphere,
And take an alternative route with out aiming I'll pull the trigger and shoot, please get me out of here,
I don't wanna stay if I can't be myself,
I'll resurrect all my abandoned problems just to cleanse myself,
If I can't break these chains that hold my left brain back I'll soon collapse,
But with this gavel I sentenced myself to read between these lines and find the facts,
Within myself within my peers that claim they only aim to better me,
When in reality all that they ever wanted was to see me fall,
I've called upon these spirits to guide my soul to better roots,
But I'll I've encountered was free falls from the skies without a parachute,
And I don't need a fucking team I'm riding solo,
Add three simple letters and you get me, Solorio.


released February 4, 2015
Artwork by Cesar Solorio
Produced by EvoBeatz
Engineered by Cesar Solorio



all rights reserved


Cesar Solorio Riverside, California

Hip-Hop Artist/Singer, Name: Cesar Solorio, Born: January 2, 1995, Genre: Hip-Hop, Hometown: Anaheim, California, Current Living: Riverside, California

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