Passin Me By

by Cesar Solorio



See when I was a little rascal I used to have this fantasy,
About a lovely lady who would share a glass with me,
Glass of whiskey, glass of scotch, glass of anything as long as it was on the rocks,
Honey always traveled yet managed to never leave my thoughts,
And she'll always say how do you do,
When she sees me looking blue,
I'm just trying to find a way to get to you,
She looks gorgeous in her summer dress,
The strut in her step, has me admiring her assets,
And I'll always be honest about the contacts,
When a groupie tries to get to handy I'll tell her to fall back,
All facts, I don't wanna unclip no bra straps,
Unless it's hugging your soft rack,
Oops I meant your soft chest,
Pleasantly complimenting your soft lips,
Everything I'm doing you knowing I'm doing all my best,
And I bet I'll leave you impressed,
If you stop passing me by I'll show you what's next

She keeps on passin' me by,
She keeps on passin' me by,
She keeps on passin' me by,
She keeps on...

Thought I'd never meet the one until I met a candidate,
Her middle name was Emily and family name was Vasquez,
Shared the same date of birth but I one year her senior,
Strange little teenager but I was glad to meet her,
Back when I was sixteen, not dressing out for P.E.,
Being another rebel not trying to do the same things,
As all the cool kids since they would ditch class and spark up,
I would walk beside her and try to test my luck,
Beautiful woman resembled Pocahontas,
I'm being honest if you were my sweetheart best believe that I would flaunt it,
Caramel skinned Latin chick, I was tryna cuff her quick,
Didn't know till later that feeling was mutual,
Until we spoke of it about a few years later,
I'm getting ahead of my self, at this point we weren't strangers,
We were pretty cool, kissed he once after school,
Didn't ask her out so I lost to this other fool,
Now I don't think that I'll ever get my chance,
But even now I'm still able to make you laugh,
You know I'm a phone call away if you're feeling sad,
If you're feeling down and out I'm able to bring the smile back,
Now I know this woman must be an angel,
She makes jaws drop but always sports a halo,
Funny how everybody gave our status a label,
But she'll forever pass me by since she's faithful... Damn

She keeps on passin' me by,
She keeps on passin' me by,
She keeps on passin' me by,
She keeps on...


released 14 October 2014
Original Song by Tha Pharcyde




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Cesar Solorio Riverside, California

Hip-Hop Artist/Singer, Name: Cesar Solorio, Born: January 2, 1995, Genre: Hip-Hop, Hometown: Anaheim, California, Current Living: Riverside, California

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